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Map Mango

Food and drink have a nice way of playing a supporting role in most things we do. The best way, in my opinion, to see a city, is to visit different restaurants and bars and consume what the city has to offer. Because the exploration of a city is a never ending quest, I wanted to have a way to document where I’d been, so that I could more easily enrich those further explorations. This means not only saving new places to go, but also remembering where I’d been, and how those places made me feel, so that I could quickly decide if I wanted to visit again. Visit website ︎︎︎

Art Direction, Branding, Wireframes, UX/UI, Graphic Design

Design Process

Research & Insights: We identified four features we consider to be most important for the tool

    1. Ability to add new places easily
    2. Ability to categorize and group places so as to utilize them easily later
    3. Ability to insert my voice into my map, whether through writing or through unique categorizations (i.e. the filter “You might make out with someone.”)
    4. Ability to share easily

Competitve Analysis: We compared 3 mapping tools in the market space

Ideate & Sketch: Developed wireframes to establish the basic page structure and information architecture. We landed on a mobile-first website instead of an app so people can use it across devices and without a download barrier. 

Branding & Design: Mango’s branding is clean but playful, featuring a friendly color palette and geometric sans typeface. I wanted to foster a sense of play and exploration that matched my desire to explore the city in the physical world.

Build: Admittedly, the user-testing and build steps happened out of order. Because this was a tool for myself and my partner, we were our own primary audience. Once we were happy with the designs and functionality, we went right to the building stage. If I were to repeat this process, I would use InVision to create high-fidelity prototypes for user-testing before building.

User test: Once we had a product we could share, we conducted informal user tests by sharing the working website.

This user testing helped us to:
    1. Confirm people find curated reccomendations to be useful
    2. Get feedback on branding and design
    3. Set goals for the next iteration of Map Mango

Next steps: We’re currently working on an update that will allow people to add spots to personalized maps, stay tuned!