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Food and drink have a nice way of playing a supporting role in most things we do. The best way, in my opinion, to see a city, is to visit different restaurants and bars and consume what the city has to offer. Because the exploration of a city is a never ending quest, I wanted to have a way to document where I’d been, so that I could more easily enrich those further explorations. This means not only saving new places to go, but also remembering where I’d been, and how those places made me feel, so that I could quickly decide if I wanted to visit again.

Mango is a passion project of mine and my partner that lets anyone document, organize, and share their favorite places to eat and drink, and most importantly, their memories of exploring the cities they love. It also solves for lack of labeling and filtering tools I was frustrated by on Google Maps.

Mango’s branding is clean but playful, featuring a friendly color palette and geometric sans typeface. I wanted to foster a sense of play and exploration that matched my desire to explore the city in the physical world.

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