Branding for a cannabis creamery

Why is there a rich variety of consumer experiences around alcohol but not cannabis? Spoonful believes cannabis consumption should be delicious, decadent, and most importantly approachable. Spoonful offers a new way to consume cannabis: through delicious dairy-free cannabis-infused ice cream. By combining cannabis and ice cream, Spoonful provides the perfect product for you to dig in to for a light buzz while hanging out with friends, or in place of your glass of wine. Packaged for individual consumption, you never have to worry about overdoing it.

Inspired by the spirit of the late 60s and early 70s, the branding reflects motifs associated with the Summer of Love and Haight-Ashbur.  The logo is redrawn from Lián Type’s Seventies. 

Creative Direction, Branding, Logo Development, Graphic Design, Packaging