Go further, faster.

In 2019, Blue State helped Stony Brook launch Further, Faster, an extension of the SBU Far Beyond brand platform. Stony Brook is defining the future of how higher education is adapting to meet the needs of a changing landscape, eliminating the social mobility gap and driving lasting outcomes for students and society — more than any other selective university in New York.

An extension of Stony Brook’s Far Beyond brand platform, the Further, Faster campaign is intended for external audiences, namely prospective students and peer educators.

Central to the design system are an updated version of the SBU rays, a graphic element inspired by the rays on the SBU shield that visualize and communicate momentum. The messaging focuses on the value of a Stony Brook experience and photography highlights students engaged in hands-on research—all reinforcing how the school delivers a competitive edge to students who want to go further in their career.

Graphic Design, Art Direction, Branding, Comprehensive Style Guidelines